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How to Choose a Realtor

Buying a new home requires some serious preparation, from increasing your credit score to saving up for a down payment. But that’s not even all. You also want somebody who will be able to help you find homes you’ll love, search for the mortgage that best suits your needs, and basically just be your guide through the whole financially and emotionally demanding process. That’s where a well-chosen real estate broker or agent can create a difference.

Below are tips that can help you find a good realtor:

Understand what different titles mean.

The first thing you may notice is that there are so many titles used by professionals in the industry, from agent to broker to Realtor and the others. Do they all mean the same? Certainly not! A real estate agent is any person with a license to sell real estate property, where the requirements usually involve hundred plus hours of course work and passing a state examination. A real estate broker is a professional who has completed further his studies and is allowed to have agents working under him. A Realtor can be an agent or broker who is a certified member of the National Association of Realtors(R). Realtors follow a strict code of ethics when it comes to treating clients. Consider it extra assurance that they’re serious about promoting your cause.

Consider more than real estate broker or agent.

According to the NAR, more than 65% of first-time home buyers talked to only one real estate broker before proceeding, which is just totally wrong. Besides, how can you be certain that you made a good choice if you didn’t even have choices in the first place? Any extra work you do today can really pay off in the near future. Make sure you explore at least two or three agents and grill them before deciding who’s right for you.).

Set up an interview with your prospects.

This is one critical step you mustn’t skip. And during the interview, ask questions that delve into the following:

Local Knowledge and Experience

You want to work with a seasoned agent–not necessarily with decades of experience, but at least with more than two years of experience. On the other hand, someone who just got their license should not be automatically removed from your list, if they have lived in your preferred location for a long time. Try to strike a balance between general and local experience before you make a decision.

With or Without a Team?

If an agent works with a team, you can expect faster response times and greater attention. This is clearly because people will be helping each other for the same task, such as making a realtor marketing plan.

Availability and Schedule

Finally, as much as possible, choose a full-time agent to ensure that availability will not be an issue. If you need to adjust to their schedule all the time, you could miss out on so many nice properties. Availability is particularly important if you want to buy a house as soon as possible.