Landscapers Do So Much More than Plant

There are many people who make the mistake of thinking landscapers are glorified lawn mowers who can plant trees. That is unfortunate because that profession can transform the yard into an amazing space. First, they assess the condition of the lawn. By determining bare essentials, they can ensure the lawn stays hydrated and healthy. If a yard has no sprinkler system that is typically where the process begins.


The extent to which the yard is landscaped depends on the size of the space, the desires of the homeowners, and the size of the budget. If the space is tiny, for example, a step garden can be created so flowers or vegetables can be grown. A huge space may be perfect for an outdoor kitchen if the family enjoys entertaining. A patio, a retaining wall with built-in seating, or a play area can also be installed.

Renovations to a yard can be completed all at once if money allows, or it can be done in stages. The professional will be able to break the work down into components that are added in a way that makes sense. A patio would go in before a water feature is added. The patio can be used immediately and the water feature can be installed early next year.


Landscaping companies can install everything from a shade tree in the front yard to fencing to complete exterior settings. Landscapes, hardscapes, tree services, and preventative maintenance can all be handled by a professional landscaper. One call takes care of the entire exterior of the property.

If maintenance is the only need for the yard, it will be done to perfection. The grass will be cut the exact length to look stunning and remain a lush green. Plants will thrive, and mulch or borders will be just the right height. The curb appeal will be enhanced and the yard will be the envy of the neighborhood.


Homeowners who simply want to explore what the yard can become can contact a landscaper for a consultation. The professional will arrive, discuss the desires and needs of the family, and present a few options on the spot. Having a list of questions and ideas ready will ensure a productive meeting. There is no harm in getting some input and imagining the type of space in which you want to spend free time